Lucy’s Little Readers

Is your child just beginning to read?

She probably knows a few words, and she’s eager to dive into some books. There’s a lot of books out there that try to tell a story with just a few easy words. Have you ever read one of them? I don’t know how many readers I’ve trudged through with my kids that are either impossible to understand, or just plain old boring.

Lucy’s Little Readers helps your child practice sight words in a fun, cozy way because it makes practice time a together time.

You read the story while your child reads the highlighted sight words. He’ll want to learn the other words, and you’ll soon find him reading the entire book to you!

In all, the series will introduce over 400 high-frequency words within colorful, kid-approved stories you’ll enjoy reading over and over.

teach your child to read

How will Lucy’s Little Readers make your child a fluent reader?

Lucy’s Little Readers

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 Have fun!

We're all about literacy through art around here,

so every book in the series has an easy art lesson.

Set 1  has a lesson all about how to draw a shiny balloon.

Learning to read is hard work… but it's so much fun when your child loves what he's reading.

Don’t miss out, share the fun with Lucy’s Little Readers.

Here's the four books included in Set 1: