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Coming soon on Amazon, The First Steps to Reading

Language is an instinct, reading is not. A baby’s brain is all wired up and ready to go for sounds and speech, but not for letters and writing. The First Steps to Reading will guide you through the stages in your child’s development and show how to get your toddler ready for reading by focusing on what comes naturally.

When should you begin to teach your child to read? As soon as possible, but save the flashcards for later. This book is filled with ideas for creative learning through play. You’ll begin with the basic sounds in words and end by teaching the alphabet through a journal. Well, of course the alphabet won’t be the end. It’s just the beginning! Your child will be have a solid foundation and be ready for the wonderful world of reading.


"Lucy Jennings has been wonderful addition to the Hualapai team. As a veteran teacher she is always ready and able to help rookie teachers learn and grow. She works very well with other teachers, school staff, and with school administrators in order to bring about both grade level and school-wide goals. We have found her to be a great resource for helping students learn to read and her experience as a reading coach has brought in a multitude of ideas."                                                                                                      

 Jerry Arave

Principal Hualapai Elementary School, Kingman, AZ