About Me

Our kids need to...

Draw, paint, build, color, cut, glitter, spill, smoosh, sew, glue... and just have a good time.

They also need to...

read... the more the better.

I'm Lucy Anne Jennings,

I want to help you teach your child to be a fluent reader, confident and creative.

You don't have to teach children how to be creative... they already know how.

​But reading is not an instinct. It's a skill to be learned, and we should teach it in a fun, playful way.

Reading should encourage creativity, not replace it.

I’m frustrated with public schools, the arts take the back seat when it comes to funding. We can’t leave it up to others to raise our children to be creative, independent thinkers. Many classrooms are overcrowded, and the teachers can barely keep up with testing and trying to find time for the mandated curriculum.

I am a professional artist and a teacher. I’ve been teaching kids to read and  be creative for over 25 years.

 I have a BA in Elementary Education, and an MA in Art Education.  So enough of the titles...

I love kids, books, and art.

I grew up in a large family, and whether we were building, cooking, sewing, painting, coloring, or fixing, there was always something going on. My mother was a painter, and my father a woodworker and teacher. I never could decide which to be – an artist or teacher. So I decided to become both.

Lucy Anne Jennings

I sold my handwoven clothing, glass beads, and jewelry at craft fairs for a long time.

My work has been featured in national magazines: Handwoven and The Weaver’s Journal.

I’ve taught kindergarten, first, second, third grade, and have been a reading specialist.

Creative Little Readers
Lucy Anne Jennings

When my daughter was very young, I stayed home with her. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. I planned to homeschool, but when she was in first grade, I couldn't afford to stay home anymore and I went back to teaching.

At least I got to be her first grade teacher!

Whether your child is in a classroom or you home-school,

I’d like to help you teach your child to read while exploring the wonderful world of art.