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The Night Before Christmas (1)

The Night Before Christmas

Way before I showed up in the family (I was seventh of nine) my father made this Night Before Christmas  set of paintings and hand-lettered each one. He framed ​the set, and every year we’d put it up and recite it over and over. I still like to show off how I know the poem by […]

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Decoupage a Christmas Garland

We usually think of decoupage as pasting pictures onto hard surfaces like wood or plastic, but I discovered a new way to play with it.When I was making the Halloween lanterns in October, I didn’t like the way one of the jars turned out. I peeled the decoupage off, and just for fun I stuck […]

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Let’s Draw More Christmas Pictures!

Here’s what’s inside:Angel- 00:55Santa- 2:00Elf-  4:19Rudolph-  5:29​Have fun! Did you watch How to Draw Christmas Trees ? No? Well get over there now… you can’t have too much fun around here. Merry Christmas-time! Here’s my gift for you, friend. Related Posts:Let’s Draw Christmas Trees!How to Draw a Christmas Tree

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Let’s Draw Christmas Trees!

Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?I don’t. I’m waiting for my daughter to come home and help me, she’s in college now and I miss her! I remember when she was little we’d take a whole week to decorate the tree.There were  so many decorations. You can’t just leave them in the box, waiting […]

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Free Christmas Coloring Book

I’m learning to make coloring books, and here’s my first one! After you download it, be sure to make two copies, you’ll want one for yourself! Merry Christmas, and I hope you enjoy!Here’s a little video to show you what’s inside.​ Related Posts:The Night Before ChristmasLet’s Draw Christmas Trees!

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Thanksgiving Decoupage

OMG! Don’t use that napkin, decoupage it!

Decoupage VasesWouldn’t these look pretty on your Thanksgiving table? They also look nice with the sun shining through on a windowsill, or… instead of flowers put a candle in each jar for pretty votives. I’ve found that the short wide candles light the jars best, that way the light shines from the bottom and illuminates […]

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Give Me a Hand! Let’s make some Thanksgiving turkeys.

I love hand turkeys! And no matter what your kids choose to do with their turkey, it’s gonna be cute. Creative Little Readers is all about learning to read through art, so you’ll find lots of words in this video, just right for the beginning reader. Well I even learned a new word. What’s that thing […]

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Learn to Draw Halloween Pictures

​Is your fridge ready for Halloween?I’m not talking about what’s inside, I’m talking about all your artwork pasted to the refrigerator door! Watch my video and find out how you can make really super duper fun Halloween pictures using shapes! So… come on, let’s go have some fun! I’d love to see what you draw […]

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EAsy to make Halloween lanterns

How to Make Halloween Candle Lanterns

I’m not sure if you can call it recycling because Halloween isn’t here yet, but I used leftover Halloween napkins and treat bags to make these lanterns. Resourceful teacher that I was, I saved the leftover napkins from our classroom party last year. Unrescourceful artist that I am, I bought the treat bags at Walmart a […]

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