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Ten Ways to Teach the Alphabet Feature

10 Creative Ways to Teach the Alphabet

A kid has to see a letter over and over again for it to sink in.The more ways she encounters each letter, the more familiar she’ll become. Learning the alphabet through art will give her varied experiences with each letter, and the sensory play will imprint it in her mind.As you work with each letter, […]

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Feature-Christmas-Garalnd-web a

Decoupage a Christmas Garland

We usually think of decoupage as pasting pictures onto hard surfaces like wood or plastic, but I discovered a new way to play with it.When I was making the Halloween lanterns in October, I didn’t like the way one of the jars turned out. I peeled the decoupage off, and just for fun I stuck […]

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Thanksgiving Decoupage

OMG! Don’t use that napkin, decoupage it!

Decoupage VasesWouldn’t these look pretty on your Thanksgiving table? They also look nice with the sun shining through on a windowsill, or… instead of flowers put a candle in each jar for pretty votives. I’ve found that the short wide candles light the jars best, that way the light shines from the bottom and illuminates […]

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Paper Collage Lessons

Paper and Paint Collage – Eric Carle Style

Finger painting 101 The first time I tried finger painting with my kindergarten class, I was drawn back to my fun as a kid. I remembered swirling my fingers around on the slick paper, making grass, mountains, rivers and, of course, the sun. My students had fun too, but no one made any mountains or what […]

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EAsy to make Halloween lanterns

How to Make Halloween Candle Lanterns

I’m not sure if you can call it recycling because Halloween isn’t here yet, but I used leftover Halloween napkins and treat bags to make these lanterns. Resourceful teacher that I was, I saved the leftover napkins from our classroom party last year. Unrescourceful artist that I am, I bought the treat bags at Walmart a […]

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Sunflowers From Bottle Caps?

This sunflower doesn’t come from a seed, you make it with a bottle cap! Here’s some fun projects you can make together. so come on. Let’s go have some fun! There are three projects in this video. Here’s where you’ll find each one:Sunflower Pendant- beginningMagnet and Push-pin- 16:14Wreath Headpiece- 18:00 Here’s links to the materials […]

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Making Glass Beads and Buttons

I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad, but I’m the sort who wants to try everything. I grew up sewing and loved to make dolls. When I got to college, I learned to weave and decided that was what I was going do the rest of my life. Well, I’m still a weaver, but […]

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Fun with Veggie Stamping

What’s your favorite vegetable? Mine is everything… but garbanzo beans. I eat them anyway because they are good for me. Watch my video and see if you can guess which yummy vegetable I used. ​ How do you eat your vegetables? I love to dip them in ranch dressing. But I never eat them after I […]

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