Book Review-The Nose That Knows

Did you know dogs can smell better than us humans? Way better, at least 10,000 times better!   Here’s a cute rhyming book about a dog named Milo and his nose. He loves his Molly-person, but just can’t help running after every enticing bit of food he smells. Milo gets into some funny predicaments. His nose takes […]

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Should I Let my Baby Play with Crayons?

What age should a child start to use crayons? I’d say as soon as he can hold one in his tiny little hand. The sooner he is allowed to express himself on paper the better! Learning to grip a crayon is an important skill, and will give him confidence. Of course, you should never leave […]

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Four Fun Books for St. Patrick’s Day

Tomi DePaola is one of my favorite authors. He knows how to speak to children and his renditions of old folktales from around the world are made beautiful with his illustrations. Since he’s half Irish, he know his way around their folktales!Here’s a few fun tales to read for St. Patrick’s Day: If you want to […]

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How to Draw a Star

How to Draw a Five-Pointed Star

There are bazillions of stars out there in the sky, why not draw some more?  Come watch my video to learn how to draw a five-pointed star, it’s lots of fun!You will be a star drawing expert in no time. It’s always fun to share!

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Great Big Sweet Valentines

​When Valentines Day approaches…I get out my George and Martha collection. They are the perfect Valentines.These two big hippos are the best of friends, and only James Marshall can tell their stories with such wry humor. Many lessons on friendship can be learned from the two. Each book has five short stories, they’re perfect for if […]

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My Kid Got a Ticket For Reading Too Fast

Of course she didn’t, that’s just my attempt at being so funny. This post is more serious than that. When I was a reading coach, a big part of my job was to test kids in order to document their progress.I must have given that one-minute test 3,000 times.I, too wanted to know how well the students […]

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How to Teach Your Child to Read Fluently

How many things can you do without even thinking? Brushing your teeth, riding a bike, getting dressed. Anyone with a toddler knows that these things are big breakthroughs in growing up. All of us had to learn them, but we often forget how difficult these little things can be to master. We teach them to our […]

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Comprehension-Feature web

Comprehension: What Are We Reading Anyway?

​ Before you read a story together, talk about the genre (what kind of a story it is). Ask lots of questions along the way, and when you’re done, ask some more questions! Here’s a guide to help you out. Print it up and use it as a bookmark! If you’d like to print this […]

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How to Teach Comprehension Skills

​Comprehension begins even before he learns his letters. You read with your child everyday because it’s fun, cozy, and all things nice. Did you know it leads to better comprehension skills when he learns to read? When you read a story to a baby or toddler, take the time to talk about the details. Look […]

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