phonemic awareness

Phoneme Segmentation

  Individual Phoneme Segmentation is just a fancy way to say “sound it out.” This is a crucial step towards learning to spell. Sometimes kids have trouble spelling because they don’t pay attention to every single sound. It’s hard enough to learn to spell words in the English language! Let’s make it as manageable as possible. […]

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phonemic awareness, onset-rime

Teaching Onset-rime

  After mastering syllabication, it’s time to learn how to divide a word into individual parts. The easiest way to learn word segmentation is to begin with just the first sound followed by the rest of the word. bird:  /b/ /ird/ vase:  /v/  /ase/ book:  /b/  /ook/ We call this Onset-rime. Here’s some books to […]

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phonemic awareness

First Steps to Reading Success

  Click here for larger view Click here for PDF I’ll explain the process of Phonemic Awareness from the easiest to the most difficult. Most difficult doesn’t mean it’s hard, it’s just best to save it for last, after the other skills have been mastered.  Word Comparison Talk about words that sound the same, and […]

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Peace Place Space

A Peace Place Space

Please Welcome my guest blogger, Mari Barnes! She has a fun club your child can join. Go to:  The Blanket Fort Club Thank you, Mari! There are several ways we can help our children cope with stress. We can talk it out, exploring what may be causing it. One solution may be as simple as cutting […]

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Whhen should you teach your child to read?

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness- What’s that you said? Don’t worry, I’m not going to get into a bunch of complicated educational jargon. Telephone means sound made over a distance: tele = distance   phone = sound. So just think, phone means a sound, so phonemic awareness means being aware of sounds. The word mom has three phonemes:  […]

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